EPA To Require Importers/Exporters To Report Products Containing Mercury in 2019

In 2019 EPA will require importers or exporters of products containing mercury to identify any manufacturing processes or products that intentionally add mercury.

Some of the products targeted:

Batteries: Button cell, silver; Button cell, zinc-air; Button cell, alkaline; Stacked button cell batteries; Manganese oxide; Silver oxide; Mercuric oxide, non-button cell; Button cell, mercuric oxide; Button cell, zinc carbon; Other (specify).

Dental amalgam.

Formulated products (includes uses in cosmetics, pesticides, and laboratory chemicals): Skin-lightening creams; Lotions; Soaps and sanitizers; Topical antiseptics; Bath oils and salts; Preservatives (e.g., for use in vaccines and eye-area cosmetics when no preservative alternatives are available); Pharmaceuticals (including prescription and over-the-counter drug products); Cleaning products (not registered as pesticides under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act); Pesticides; Paints; Dyes; Reagents (e.g., catalysts, buffers, fixatives); Other (specify).

Lighting, lamps, bulbs: Linear fluorescent; Compact fluorescent; U-tube and circular fluorescent; Cold cathode fluorescent; External electrode fluorescent; Mercury vapor; Metal halide; High pressure sodium; Mercury short arc; Neon; Other (specify).

Measuring instruments: Barometer; Fever thermometer; Flow meter; Hydrometer; Hygrometer/psychrometer; Manometer; Non-fever thermometer; Pyrometer; Sphygmomanometer; Other (specify).

Pump seals.

Switches, relays, sensors, valves: Tilt switch; Vibration switch; Float switch; Pressure switch; Temperature switch; Displacement relay; Wetted reed relay; Contact relay; Flame sensor; Thermostat; Other (specify).

Miscellaneous mercury-added products: Wheel weights; Wheel rotation balancers/stabilizers; Firearm recoil suppressors; Carburetor synchronizers; Joint support/shock absorption bands; Other (specify).

Persons who must report:

Persons who manufacture (including import) mercury-added products, except a product that contains a component that is a mercury-added product, who currently report to IMERC.

All other persons who manufacture (including import) mercury-added products, except a product that contains a component that is a mercury-added product.

Applicable reporting requirements:

-Amount of mercury in manufactured products (lbs.); Amount of mercury in imported products (lbs.); Country(ies) of origin for imported products; Amount of mercury in exported products (lbs.); Country(ies) of destination for exported products; NAICS code(s) for products distributed in commerce; As applicable, specific product category(ies) and subcategory(ies) from preselected list.

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